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Triangle Earrings
These Gold Hoop Polished Triangle Earrings showcase intricately designed gold triangle hoop earrings that offer a unique glow and simple elegance that is simply eye catching. Who says hoops have to be round? The polished edges deliver fun, modern style which is suitable for everyone!

JR Fashion Accessories has a Wide Selection Of Hoop Earrings and Much More. Sterling Silver pieces, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings. Jewelry supplier who can help you with fashion jewelry and accessories in the best.

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How to order Triangle Earrings

  1. Fashion accessories at wholesale prices for just 10pcs/design
  2. Custom designs available at 100pcs/design

Cannot find what you want? Email us your designs or have a Whats App online chat. 
We will check for you if we have the identical designs at wholesale prices.
If not, we will explain the custom-design process to you and its estimated costs for your reference.

Email-JR-Jewelry Email: service@jr-earring.com
Whatsapp-JR-Jewelry WhatsApp: 886-958-802-677


Category Hoops & Huggies, Earrings
Collection Hoop
Color Gold