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Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry manufacturer since 1991. Branding your jewelry business with JR Fashion Accessories. Branding plays a huge role in enabling your creations and marketing practice to be desired and reach that perfect customer! If you are a business owner or an independent designer who is looking for reliable jewelry manufacturing in China and Taiwan to co-operate with you in bringing your creative design to physical product.

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Manufacturer Wholesale Jewelry & Custom Jewelry | Book Your Free Consultation Now. We offer precise and professional advice on your project. We specialize in transforming your jewelry dreams into reality!

Are you looking for one new manufacturer to make your lead time faster than other manufacturers? JR Fashion Accessories specializes in Custom Made Jewelry for 30 years’ experiences. Our JR Fashion team of manufacturer consultants helps you figure out the customized details, weigh all the options, and guides you through each step of creating a piece of custom made jewelry.

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Custom Jewelry at Factory Direct Price

Personalized Jewelry for You
Custom jewelry, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets or chains with JR Fashion Accessories. Just so SIMPLE! Simple 4 steps. We craft each custom jewelry piece beautifully with attention to detail.

  1. Submitting your design request. 
  2. Receiving full details included Mold fee, Sample Fee, MOQ & Lead time
  3. Approving details to place order
  4. Physical samples will be ready to approve for bulk order after 3~4 weeks (depends on the design and technique to be used)
    Email: service@jr-earring.com  , What's App Online Chat: 886-958-802-677
  5. Payment Terms : T/T Remittance, L/C Letter of Credit, Credit Card
    Custom designed orders. As long as you can offer the SIZE / QUALITY / COLORS / PICTURE OF YOUR DESIGN and state clearly the finishing, attachments, colors...etc., then we can quote you the competitive prices or give you some advices if we can't make it as your request.
    Wholesale Jewelry: No Minimum amount for order, however for Minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies from different styles.

Personalized Jewelry for you

Custom jewelry necklace at factory direct services.
Private label for your brand jewelry necklace. Customer satisfaction guaranteed. Elegant details make custom necklace in various jewelry material a standout!
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Custom jewelry necklace

Custom jewelry earrings.
Create custom earrings of your dreams, include gold earrings, hoop earrings, diamond earrings and more. Let our Jewelry Consultants assist you in Designing custom earrings step by step. If you have a question or query related to Custom Made Jewelry service, feel free to reach us. 
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Personalised Earring

Custom jewelry ring
Custom jewelry rings, engagement rings and more. Custom design process will vary slightly based on the type of design, precious metal, gemstones, and ring size and any time constraints. Your beautifully finished piece is then thoroughly inspected by our quality assurance team.
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Custom Ring

CAD Service- Custom Design Your Jewelry, Ring, Necklace...etc. Once an order is placed, we’ll get started with the preparation on a prototype or CAD design. This is a physical sample of what’s to expect from the finished product.  We will send to you for confirmation and make changes if needed before opening the mold.

Affordable and Unique Custom Jewelry

We design and personalize for customers. We use eco-friendly materials, Lead Free, Cadmium and Nickel Free (Safe) such 18 Karat Gold, 925 Sterling Silver, Brass, Stainless Steel & Zinc Alloy either with handmade or casting techniques. A custom personalized jewelry is the best way to have the freedom to create your unique jewelry collection.

Unique Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Packaging Reference
One-stop service from product design to shipping. Wholesale jewelry and customized design available. As your trustworthy business partner, we offer custom made packaging with your logo service as well.  This helps you to extend your brand, though your logo, custom colors and styles choices.  

You could have a huge selection from boxes, clutches, cards, bags or rolls, and combine them with bag, paper, ribbons or thank you card: in addition to a jewelry packaging with your logo, you could choose between many different shapes, colors and materials such as velvet, paper, PU leather and so on. 

Custom Jewelry Packaging

Why Us?
JR Fashion Accessories pledges to remain responsive to you and your company’s needs. JR specializes in manufacturing,developing and designing all kinds of silver/brass/stainless steel necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and other jewelry sets.
Custom Jewelry Manufacturer
We promise and highly value:
Good quality products / Professionalism / Competitive prices / Excellent services

We are one of the top jewelry manufacturers which sell directly to wholesalers and retailers around the world. Our quest for quality and responsiveness will never end. We strongly believe that only by improving our quality, we can survive in today’s competitive market. Please don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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